Should I Change My AC Filters More Often In The Summer?

Del-air HVAC

With summer comes increased heat and humidity, which means our air conditioners are working harder to keep us cool. Although you probably already know you need to change the air filter to keep your air conditioner running smoothly, you might have heard a few different opinions about how frequently this should be done.

Hot weather conditions have the biggest impact on how frequently you should change air filters. The more the air conditioner has to run, the more air blows through the filter. When more air is moving through the filter, greater amounts of dirty particles get trapped. You should check your air filter every month during the season, even if you don’t think you will need to change it.

How Often Should I Change My AC Filter?

Depending on where you live in Florida, you may hear contradictory information about when you should change an air filter in the summer. Often, we’ll hear “once a month” or “once every 3 months.” The frequency of changing your air filter depends on both the weather and filter type. Low-cost filters should be changed once a month while thick or pleated filters can sometimes last longer without needing to be replaced.

Why Do I Need to Change Air Filters?

Dirty filters restrict the volume of air getting through and they take a toll on the entire air-conditioning system. Dirty filters can lead to:

  • Frozen coils
  • Dirty ducts
  • Allergies
  • Higher energy bills

Not sure what kind of air filter your AC needs? Contact one of our Central Florida AC technicians for help answering your questions.