Should I Use the Fan Setting on My Thermostat?

fan setting thermostat

Your thermostat typically has two options for the fan – “auto” and “on.” It’s important to understand how the fan setting on your thermostat works so you can select the most appropriate option for your home comfort needs. Read on to learn how to properly set the fan in your air conditioning system for optimum comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

When to Use the Auto Fan Setting

Auto should be the default setting for the fan in your AC system. When the fan is set to auto, it turns on automatically when your air conditioner is actively cooling the home. The fan is responsible for circulating cool air through the house, and your air conditioner can’t work without it.

Using the auto setting, your system’s fan will turn off again when the air conditioner turns off. If you have a variable speed system, it can operate at low speeds for long periods, which is one of the most efficient ways to maintain home comfort. This keeps the air circulating while providing energy-efficient comfort throughout the day.

When to Turn the Fan on for Comfort

You won’t need to turn your fan to the on setting on your thermostat very often. However, there are a few occasions when you might want to engage the fan without turning your whole cooling system on. When temperatures are mild, you may not need cooling for several days at a time. Without the air circulation from your air conditioner, the home can begin to feel stuffy and stale.

If you’re experiencing this problem, try turning on the fan for 20 or 30 minutes to circulate the air through your home. This can help freshen your house without the added electricity usage that comes from operating your entire cooling system. Be mindful of your fan usage and consider setting an alarm so you remember to turn it off again after a short period of use. Running the fan for too long may cause your energy bill to spike.

When to Turn the Fan on for Air Quality

If you’re not using your air conditioner but you’re cleaning the home or otherwise stirring up dust, it’s a good idea to set the fan to on until you’re finished. Moving in or out, putting up holiday decorations, cleaning out closets, dusting, and vacuuming can all cause dust, dander, and dirt to become airborne.

When the fan is on, it will pull the air through your air conditioner’s filter, capturing these airborne allergens and irritants. Keep the fan running while you clean, so this circulation continues until you’re done. Keeping the fan going is a good way to clean the air while you’re cleaning up other parts of the home.

How to Care for Your Fan

For the best performance from your thermostat, fan, and the rest of your heating, cooling, and ventilation system, you should schedule annual tune-ups. The blower in your air conditioner can accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, and dander over time. During a routine maintenance visit, your technician will thoroughly inspect the blower, as well as other parts of your AC system to assure optimum efficiency and indoor air quality.

You can also take care of some simple DIY tasks to keep your fan clean. Make sure the filter in your air conditioner is well maintained. Give it a visual inspection once a month. If you see dust and dirt accumulating on the filter, it’s time for a new one. Change the filter at least once every three months and more often if necessary. This helps to ensure that your fan is effectively cleaning the air it circulates by pulling it through a clean filter that’s capable of capturing airborne particles.

If you haven’t had a maintenance visit in the last year, it’s time to schedule your next tune-up. Regular visits from our qualified technicians will help make sure your system is in prime condition to provide you with the best energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality possible. Call Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning at 888-831-2665 to make your appointment.

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