It’s no secret that
air conditioners are facts of life for Tampa homeowners. However, you may not realize that
you have multiple options when it comes to cooling your home. At Del-Air
Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in helping families find
the best HVAC models to meet their needs, including easy-to use ductless
systems. Contact Del-Air today to learn more about the many benefits of
going duct free.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

Smaller Size. Because of their compact size and shape, ductless air conditioners are
a great option for small spaces including apartments, offices, and dorms.
Additionally, you can use your ductless AC to cool or heat one room more
than the others in your home. For example, you could keep the nursery
nice and cool while bumping the temperature up a few degrees for an elderly
house guest.

Quieter Cooling. Tired of listening to your wall air conditioner grumble every night? Ductless
air conditioners are far quieter than their traditional counterparts,
emitting cool air with no more than a gentle hum. You and your family
can enjoy improved cooling without any of the annoyance.

Ease of Use. Looking for a convenient way to ensure your family’s comfort throughout
the year? Ductless or mini-split AC systems are both easy to install and
a breeze to operate. Once the system is in place, each family member can
use a remote to adjust his or her room to the desired temperature. With
a ductless system, you can enjoy effective, customizable cooling for every
room in your home.

Lower Price. With so many benefits, you may assume that ductless air conditioners are
out of your price range. However, the truth is that mini-splits are one
of the most affordable methods of cooling your home. Because they can
be adjusted on a room-by-room basis, ductless AC systems are more energy
efficient than central air or wall units. You can keep your family cool
while doing your part to protect the environment.

Go Ductless With Del-Air

At Del-Air, we are proud to be an official Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer of
ductless air conditioner units in Tampa. You can trust us to install your
new ductless air conditioning system quickly and correctly, with minimal
disruption to your life. Call today at (855) 972-9943 for more information
about going ductless and learn more about the ways a Mitsubishi mini-split
can improve your family’s comfort throughout the year.