Sneaky Mold Loves To Hide In These Unexpected Places


Mold isn’t a mere annoyance; it can also increase instances of allergies
and asthma and affect your family’s overall health. Unfortunately,
this fungus is also notoriously hearty, cropping up in places that you
may not expect.
Tampa air conditioning leaders, Del-Air, offer some insight into some of the unusual spots where
mold tends to grow in the home:


Chimney crannies and crevices are a perfect breeding ground for mold. By
cleaning your chimney regularly, you can reduce the chances of water,
dirt, and various organic substances collecting there and causing problems.


When was the last time you checked your refrigerator drip pan? Located
under the fridge, the drip pan gathers moisture as well as debris from
food spills. Clean the area regularly to prevent mold from growing in
this spot.


Mold growth is a particular issue in front-loading washing machines, because
the door is often closed. As a result, mold and mildew can grow easily inside.

Window Seals

Every homeowner knows that condensation collects on the seals of windows.
However, you may not realize that this moist spot is a popular breeding
ground for mold because of the constant supply of dirt and dust.


Most of us have been guilty of allowing the dishes to pile up in the sink.
Along with being a serious eyesore, a stack of wet, dirty dishes makes
a great home for mold.

Air Conditioners

Because of the role they play in reducing humidity, people rarely think
of their AC units as breeding ground for mold. However, air conditioners
catch dust and other allergens that mold loves to snack on. For best results,
run your AC regularly to prevent moisture from building and arrange for
periodic inspections by a company you can trust.

Protect Your Home with Help from Del-Air

If you suspect mold is growing in your home, don’t hesitate to call
Del-Air today. A leader in heating and AC services, we do everything in
our power to fight mold and reduce instances of asthma and allergies among
your loved ones. To schedule an air quality evaluation with a member of
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