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del-air Spring is here, and most people use this time of year to scrub every part of the house until it sparkles. However, if you are just paying attention to the parts of the house that you can see, you are only doing half of the job. Whether you need basic maintenance, or more extensive AC service in Tampa, don’t hesitate to contact Del-Air for all your needs. When you maintain large appliances like your AC unit each spring, your entire house can be clean and dust free. After all, a clogged system is more likely to circulate dirty air through the home. Not only does a dirty AC work less effectively, but it also affects the health of you and your loved ones, exacerbating colds and allergies. Additionally, by taking the time to work on your air conditioning unit now, you will ensure that it is ready to go when the first hot summer day arrives. Here are five tips for getting your AC unit ready for another season of service:
  • Check the Filters – Air filters that are clogged or dirty can impact the efficiency of your AC unit. Neglecting to change your filters can cause the entire system to freeze up when the summer heat strikes in full force.
  • Clean the Outdoor Unit – To ensure your AC is ready for the warm weather, take the time to clear away plants, dirt, and any obstructions around the system’s outdoor component. Additionally, you should vacuum out the cage, removing leaves and debris.
  • Inspect Ductwork – If your ductwork is full of holes, it might be leaking your expensive climate-controlled air into the ether. For best results, have these cracks and openings sealed by a professional AC repair person and ensure all connectors are airtight.
  • Test Your Unit – As Florida residents ourselves, we know how hot the summers can get in this part of the country. With that in mind, we recommend that homeowners test their ACs now when providers aren’t as busy. If something goes wrong, you will have plenty of time to arrange for service before the heat hits in full force.
Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment Whether you’re looking for emergency AC service in Tampa or simply a basic tune-up, Del-Air’s team can get the job done fast. Be sure to sign up for a maintenance plan with Del-Air to prepare you for the upcoming hot summer months. Call (855) 972-9943 for an appointment today, or contact our expert techs online.

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