Spring means warm weather, fresh fruits and veggies… and of course,
spring cleaning. Here are a few house and HVAC-related responsibilities
that the team at Del-Air recommends you complete each year before the
start of summer.

Air Conditioner

Spring is a great time to make sure your heating and
Tampa air conditioningequipment is in good working order. Before summer starts, take a few minutes
to check and replace your air filters. Additionally, you should examine
the drainage hole on the base of the cabinet and use a wire to clear out
any debris. Finally, you should remove your dehumidifier from its casing,
vacuum it out, and allow it to dry completely before replacing it.


Want to get your bathroom in good shape before summer? Use spring cleaning
as an excuse to clean out your bathroom fan. Simply shut off the power
to the fan and then wipe off the blades and wash them with soapy water.
Finally, you should assess your toilet flappers for leaks and clean and
de-rust the handles on your faucets.

Windows and Doors

Spring is also a smart time to check the weather stripping on your windows
and replace any holes in the screens. An easy fix for small screen tears
is household cement. Simply place some cement over the hole using a toothpick
and Q-tip and say goodbye to your screen problems.


Of course, there’s nothing more important than your family’s
health and safety. To keep your loved ones secure, be sure to change out
the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. You should
also test them to be sure that they’re working properly and vacuum
out any dust.

Let Del-Air Handle Your HVAC Maintenance

Want to boost your HVAC performance this season? Not only does regular
service help improve AC function, but it also reduces operating costs
over the long term. At Del-Air, we offer 3 different
Tampa air conditioning maintenance packages to meet your specific needs. Browse ourAC maintenance options online or call to speak to a Del-Air representative about your choices.
We look forward to helping keep your air conditioner in top condition.