With the mild March temps we are experiencing right now, the health of
your air conditioning may not be at the forefront of your thinking. However,
the truth is that sweltering hot days are right around the corner. If
you want to ensure your family’s comfort throughout the summer months,
it’s important to schedule your air conditioner tune-up now so you
can avoid
Orlando AC repair during the summer. Here are a few reasons that the Better Business Bureau
recommends getting your AC checked out before the hot weather hits:

  • More Flexible Schedules: The fact is that AC contractors tend to be less
    busy during the spring, when people are using their systems less frequently.
    For this reason, homeowners should aim to schedule their system tune-ups
    before the start of summer. Additionally, booking your AC maintenance
    early increases the odds that your technician will detect HVAC problems
    early, when repairs are less costly.
  • Lower Technician Fees: Another reason to check your AC when temps are cool
    is to avoid costly emergency repairs when the hot weather comes. If your
    AC breaks down during the summer, you may have to pay after-hours fees
    to have it fixed. Not only does regular maintenance help protect your
    wallet, but it also ensures your family will be comfortable no matter
    how high the temps rise.
  • Improved System Efficiency:Finally, checking your AC when temps are still
    cool can help boost efficiency when the hot weather hits. Without proper
    maintenance, air conditioners tend to lose a percentage of their operating
    power each year. Regular tune-ups help keep your AC functioning at top
    capacity so you don’t expend excess energy during the hot summer weather.

Let Del-Air Prepare Your Home for Summer

Del-Air’s team of technicians offers the skill and experience needed
to make sure your AC is summer ready and offer a wide variety of
Orlando AC repair services. Additionally, we provide several
preventative maintenance plans designed to ensure your unit’s performance holds up in Florida’s
extreme heat while keeping your operating costs down. Talk to a Del-Air
representative today to choose the best maintenance plan for your needs.
We look forward to helping preserve your family’s comfort throughout the year.