As a Florida homeowner, you likely realize that air conditioning is not
just a convenience but a fact of life. However, you may not know the best
practices for maintaining your
Tampa air conditioner’s efficiency. Here are three essential “don’ts” of air
conditioner usage, designed to protect your unit for years to come. If
you have additional concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the AC specialists
at Del-Air for support.

1. DON’T Set the Thermostat too Low.

Want to extend the life of your Tampa air conditioner? Avoid setting your
thermostat lower than the desired temperature in an effort to cool your
home faster. Doing this not only fails to increase the cooling speed of
your AC unit, but it also puts a greater burden on the system and sends
your energy bills skyrocketing.

2. DON’T Forget to Change the Air Filter.

With all of your responsibilities as a homeowner, changing the air filter
in your AC unit may not seem like a top priority. However, the fact is
that a dirty air filter forces your system to work harder to circulate
air throughout the home. At Del-Air, we recommend installing a new filter
once a month in order to maintain good indoor air quality in the home,
while keeping energy bills low.

3. DON’T Neglect Regular AC Maintenance.

While small leaks and rattles in your AC unit may seem like minor inconveniences,
the truth is that they can have a serious effect on the efficiency of
your system. Additionally, unrepaired leaks can result in significant
property damage to floors, ceilings, and woodwork. Periodic AC tune-ups
are the best way to keep your system in good working order while stopping
problems before they arise. Further, regular maintenance costs a great
deal less than a complete system replacement.

Contact Florida’s Air Conditioning Experts

At Del-Air, we provide fast, professional
Tampa air conditioning service throughout the state of Florida. Call for an estimate on your
AC repair, or schedule a tune-up to protect your family’s comfort.
You can also speak to our expert technicians about the best tips to avoid
damaging your air conditioning system. We look forward to helping keep
your home cool and dry year round.

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