Del-Air It’s no secret that Florida homeowners tend to worry more about home cooling than heating. However, when the thermostat plummets, you’ll want to know that your HVAC system is up to the task of keeping your family warm by your Orlando heating service professionals. As long-time Florida residents ourselves, we understand the unique heating and cooling challenges posed by the local climate. Below are some of Del-Air’s top tips for successfully heating a Florida home: Heat-Pump System Installations are the Perfect Solution for Florida Winters Because of the dramatic fluctuations in temperature, Floridians need a heating system they can trust. The truth is that heat pumps were made for the harsh realities of Central Florida’s climate. Not only are heat pumps more durable than other systems, meaning they last longer, but they can also save you money. During the summer months, your heat pump will work like an AC, moving heat from the house to the outside. In the winter, heat pumps use electricity to create warmth. You can preserve energy while keeping your family warm during the winter and cold in summer. At Del-Air, we offer a wide array of heat pumps to meet your family’s needs. Heat pumps are measured by their SEER levels or seasonal energy-efficiency ratios. Pumps with higher SEER ratings are more efficient than those with lower levels. When you contact our techs, we will sit down with you to choose the best option for your family’s needs and budget. Utilize Heating Strips Want to boost the efficiency of your heating system? If you have a heat pump, it’s a good idea to utilize heating strips. An auxiliary source of heat, heating strips work in concert with the pump to ensure your home stays toasty when the temperature drops. Contact Del-Air to Optimize Your Home Heating System Since 1983, Del-Air Heating & Cooling has been helping Florida homeowners stay comfortable throughout the year. Based in Orlando, we are proud to be your main source for furnaces and heat pumps. Learn more about our trusted home heating services and then contact your Orlando heating service professionals to schedule an appointment with our technicians. You can rest assured knowing that your family’s health and safety are our top priorities.

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