The 5 Principles Of Air Conditioning Zoning


Resolving thermostat wars and comfort problems in your home can be as easy
as installing a zoning system. A leader in
AC service in Tampa, Del-Air, takes pride in the fact that its technicians follow certain
design principles to ensure the AC zoning system enhances home comfort,
increases energy efficiency, and eliminates problem areas within your
home. Here are the five principles of AC zoning crucial to your family’s
quality of life.

  • Use an air duct damper to control each floor of the home: Two-story homes
    often experience different heating conditions on the first and second
    floors. By purchasing an air duct damper, you can turn off airflow to
    those rooms and other parts of the home you don’t use.
  • Consider home construction materials: The age of your home can affect air
    conditioning zoning. While newer homes and additions tend to be more energy
    efficient, older or remodeled houses often struggle in this area. For
    this reason, builders tend to avoid grouping older home sections with
    newer ones for zoning purposes.
  • Account for perimeter and interior walls: The location of a room in your
    home can also affect its efficiency, with exterior rooms suffering more
    energy and heat loss than those on the interior. It’s important
    to consider this fact when making zoning decisions.
  • Properly locate thermostats: Experts recommend setting up thermostats in
    areas of the home in which family members tend to congregate. Doing this
    allows homeowners to get optimal readings.
  • Consider solar requirements: The solar requirements of particular rooms
    in your home can affect zoning. For example, rooms facing south and west
    tend to endure more summer heat gain than those looking north and east.
    When making zoning decisions, it’s important to group those rooms
    with higher solar gain together.

Let Del-Air Improve Your Home’s Comfort Level

Founded in 1983, Del-Air is proud to be a leading provider of
AC service in Tampa. We recognize that homeowners seeking refuge from an uncomfortable home
can find a cost-effective solution in a zoning system.Talk to Del-Air today, and find out if a properly installed zoning system is right for your home.