Florida residents know how unpleasant it can be to live without
air conditioning for even a day–imagine what it must have been like to live in a
world without any form of climate control! From transporting mountains
of snow to sticking their underwear in the icebox, humankind has gone
to great lengths over the years to keep cool. Below is a brief history
of the ways in which American history has been shaped by society’s
unyielding desire to keep cool.

The Cool History of the Air Conditioner

Manufacturers have long sought ways of protecting food and other products
from heat and humidity. With the development of electricity, businesses
were able to create goods in rooms cooled by oscillating fans, ushering
in the age of information. However, it wasn’t until 1902 that New
York engineer Willis Carrier invented the first true air conditioning
system to control climate.

Although businesses began to make use of climate control in the early twentieth
century, it would be years before air conditioners became a feature in
private homes. One of the first places the public enjoyed access to AC
was the movie theatre. Instead of closing up during the summer months,
theatre owners shelled out for AC systems to keep customers cool and comfortable.
Crowds flocked to theatres to escape the heat, a situation that gave rise
to the summer blockbuster.

After World War II, Americans started bringing air conditioning from the
business world to the domestic one. Along with improving comfort and air
quality for many families, home air conditioning allowed builders to construct
houses in different ways. Because people no longer relied on breezes to
stay cool, houses could face any direction. Additionally, architects began
designing more compact houses instead of ones with large sleeping patios
and tall ceilings.

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