In previous blogs, Del-Air has talked about the condenser unit, the vents,
the fans, and even the ductwork making up your HVAC system. However, we
have yet to discuss the ways in which the different parts of your HVAC
system work together. Because the saying “the whole is more than
the sum of its parts” is especially true in the HVAC world. It’s
important to understand how the efficiency of one component affects all
the others. Here are some of the key elements in your HVAC system along
with the functions they perform:


One of the most important components of your HVAC system, the thermostat
allows you to control the temperature of your home with the push of a
button. Once you enter your desired temperature, the electrical sensor
will compare it to the current temperature of the room and adjust the
heat or AC accordingly. The blower can then spread the climate-controlled
air around the room.


Another crucial HVAC component, the blower, pulls air in through the return
ducts and then pushes conditioned air out through the supply ducts. Because
a dirty air filter can affect the efficiency of the blower, it’s
important that homeowners arrange to have their filters cleaned and changed
regularly. Doing this will help prevent dirt from clogging your filter
and preserve the life of your HVAC system.


Of course, the air the blower pushes out will eventually need to be conditioned
again. Stale air from your home is drawn back in through the vents in
the duct system. Along with cooling or warming the air to the desired
temperature, your air filter will clean the air to remove dust and other
particles. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their family is breathing
in clean, allergen-free air at all times.

Each part of the HVAC system plays an important role in keeping you cool
and comfortable, which is why it is so important that homeowners sign
up for a comprehensive professional maintenance program.

Let Del-Air Help Maintain Your HVAC System

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