Thermostat Miscalibration And Your HVAC


A thermostat can make or break an HVAC system. In fact, without an adequately
working thermostat, you won’t be able to control or program your
Tampa air conditioning system accurately, resulting in inefficient performance and a lowering
of comfort. In the long run, a miscalibrated thermostat can make your
home a much less pleasant place to be. Understanding how your thermostat
works is the best way to preserve your family’s comfort, while reducing
your chances of suffering from allergies and asthma in the coming years.

Common Thermostat Issues

A frequent issue for thermostats, miscalibration occurs when the temperature
reading is thrown off for one reason or another. The thermostat may shift
away from an accurate reading if someone bumps the system or if it becomes
dirty or damaged. While miscalibration may seem like a small problem,
it can have a profound effect on your family’s comfort in the home.
Additionally, miscalibration can cause the system to run at the wrong
times of day and result in higher-than-average energy bills. In the long
run, you may need to replace your HVAC unit ahead of schedule because
of this problem.

Along with the above issues, miscalibration can lead to something known
as short cycling. When the thermostat reads the temperature incorrectly,
the unit stops running too early and then starts again. After a while,
short cycling tends to result in wasted energy and money and can even
prevent your family from feeling comfortable in the home.

Trust Del-Air to Handle Your HVAC Needs

If you have noticed uneven temperatures in your home, an AC that seems
to turn on and off when it shouldn’t, or a short-cycling HVAC system,
contact Del-Air today. The above signs could indicate that your thermostat
is miscalibrated and needs attention from one of our trained professionals.
Fortunately, the
Tampa air conditioning team at Del-Air is eager to correct the situation and improve your home
comfort level moving forward. For more information about our expert thermostat
services, call (855) 972-9943, or schedule an HVAC consultation online.