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Del-Air Tampa air conditioning services company, Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, believes it is vitally important to have a trained HVAC technician install your AC unit. Without the technical expertise and experience of a trained AC professional, you simply cannot expect to receive the same amount of cooling performance. Here are three ways in which improper AC installation can make your system less effective:
  • Wrong Size: The size of your AC may be the most important factor in a successful installation. Many homeowners assume that the larger the AC, the better cooling power they’ll enjoy. On the contrary, an AC that’s too big for their space can actually be less effective in that it cools too quickly without removing the accompanying humidity from the air. As a result, the room remains damp and uncomfortable and their energy bill skyrockets. One of the benefits of arranging for professional AC installation is that technicians can help them choose a unit based on your home size and specific cooling needs.
  • Wrong Level of Refrigerant: When a new AC is first installed, refrigerant is added to ‘charge’ the unit. When homeowners try to install their own units, they sometimes fail to achieve the right charge for maximizing performance. On the other hand, a professional AC installer can ensure that the refrigerant level is correct from the get-go so their system functions at top capacity.
  • Bad Connections: An AC unit may seem like a simple machine. However, there are various connections that need to be made between the many components. Failing to connect different lines and parts can result in you spending a lot of money on an AC system that doesn’t actually cool your home.
Trust Your AC Performance to Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning The fact is that amateur AC installation doesn’t just affect system performance. It can also result in the manufacturer voiding your warranty, so you’re stuck footing the bill on future repairs that should be covered! If you need professional AC installation services, look no further than Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning. Providing premier Tampa air conditioning services, we pledge to be there whenever you need us. And with 300 fully-stocked trucks ready to roll, you’ll never be waiting long for service. To schedule an appointment with our experts, call (855) 972-9943 today, or contact our team online.

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