In the heat of summer in sunny Orlando, Florida, temperatures soar. If
you want to stay comfortable, you need a working air conditioning system.
However, with near-constant use during the summer, it is possible they
will break down. Luckily, if you need AC repair in Orlando, Florida, Del-Air
is here for you.

Repairs can take up a good portion of your budget, so it is best to take
precautionary measures so you won’t have to call a repair company
at all. Use the following tips to help prevent serious problems and save money!

1. Obtain Regular Maintenance – There is nothing better for your
system than having regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance by a professional.
During the course of regular operation, your AC system can wind up with
small problems that could lead to serious damage. Regular maintenance
is much more affordable, and better for your system, than waiting for
the big problems to occur.

2. Changing Your Air Filter – One of the most common causes of air
conditioning problems is a dirty or clogged air filter. The AC filter
protects the working parts of the machine from dirt and debris. A clogged
filter restricts the airflow through the system and can lead to a need
for repairs.

3. Run Fans, When Possible – When the temperatures allow, open your
windows or run your fans instead of the air conditioning. This will give
your system a break and reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.

While you can prevent some repairs, there may come a time when you need
AC repair. Orlando, Florida trusts the experts at Del-Air—no matter
what type of air conditioning problem. Give us a call for repairs, or
if you have any questions about maintaining your system. There is no need
to face AC issues without Del-Air on your side.