Two-Stage AC Units Can Save You Money


If you need to replace an old or failing
Tampa air conditioning unit, consider the benefits that a two-stage cooling system offers. At
Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in helping homeowners
select the best systems to meet their needs.

Single-Stage Air Conditioners

A single-stage air conditioner is like most light switches in that it is
either all the way on or all the way off. Single-stage air conditioners
turn on 100 percent when the temperature in your home is warmer than your
thermostat’s setting and turn off completely once that setting has
been reached. Because the AC uses energy when turning on and off, homeowners
often find themselves dealing with higher utility bills.

Two-Stage Cooling System

Unlike the single-stage variety, two-stage cooling systems employ compressors
that run at two speeds: low and high. Further, these AC units utilize
variable-speed handlers that control the amount of air entering the home.
The result is greater comfort for family members and reduced energy waste.

Benefits of Two-Stage Cooling

Here are some of the many benefits associated with two-stage cooling over
the single-stage system:

  • Meeting Cooling Demands With Less Energy: With the ability to ramp up its
    cooling capacity, the two-stage air conditioning system adjusts precisely
    to the home’s load when temperatures become extreme. As a result,
    the system can avoid the on-off cycle that is constant with single-stage models.
  • Reduced Humidity: A continuous operation gives the coils sufficient time
    to draw water vapor into the system and evaporate. The result is less
    humidity in the air your family is breathing.
  • Longer Service Life: Compressors suffer wear and tear when the AC turns
    on and off regularly. With less on-off cycling, the two-stage compressor
    lasts longer.

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