Watch Out For These Rookie Mistakes With AC Contractors


Hiring the right AC contractor is not as easy as it sounds. It may be tempting to choose your technician based on cost, but at Del-Air we know that, when it comes to AC service in Tampa, you get what you pay for. Choosing an inexperienced and unlicensed technician could put your home and property at risk and affect the function of your unit. In the long run, your family’s comfort could suffer even as utility costs skyrocket. Here are some rookie mistakes to be cognizant of when selecting a contractor for your AC needs:

  • Not Examining the Whole System: Some technicians focus only on the individual components of your AC system. However, an experienced AC contractor knows that all the elements of your home can potentially affect the system’s ability to heat and cool indoor spaces. If your insulation is old or worn out, it might impede AC system function by allowing cool air to escape. Homeowners might need to upgrade their insulation to newer, more effective options in order to improve comfort and save energy.
  • Ignoring Ventilation: One mistake rookie AC technicians make is not examining the ventilation system throughout the whole house. The most effective ventilation systems support air circulation while balancing positive and negative air pressure. If these issues aren’t addressed, homeowners might find themselves dealing with excess moisture and poor air quality throughout the property.
  • Choosing the Wrong AC Size: A system that’s too big or too small not only fails to cool the home properly but also allows moisture to build up in the air. In the long run, excess moisture can damage your property and impact your family’s health. At Del-Air, we specialize in working with families to choose the appropriate AC size and style for their needs.

Don’t Trust Your AC to Just Anyone

Don’t compromise the investment you made with your AC unit. Make the smart choice and let Del-Air install your system. Our technicians are highly trained and ready to install your new unit as early as tomorrow. For more information about our AC services in Tampa, call

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