Del-Air   Let’s face it, warm or hot weather is the norm in Orlando, Florida. The humid and mild climate may mean that you need to use your air conditioning unit more often than other locations around the country. Since it is important that you keep the temperature in your home comfortable through the summer and any other hot and humid days that occur during the spring and fall months, finding ways to keep your energy costs in a reasonable range may be important. Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit in Good Repair No AC system is energy efficient when it is in bad shape. It simply wastes energy without cooling the space properly. AC repair in Orlando may be a necessity to help reduce the energy expenditure and keep your bills down. When you discover that your air conditioning is not working effectively, calling in the Orlando AC professionals at Del-Air can help you resolve the problem so that you can beat the hot and sticky weather. Upgrade Your Unit If you have an old window AC system in your home, then it might be time for an upgrade or replacement. Even properly serviced and maintained units will eventually begin to wear out. In some cases, you may be wasting more energy than you expect. Before you buy, take time to learn about the energy ratings. Picking out a unit that has a low energy cost might help reduce the energy usage by more than half. Keep it Comfortable Set the unit to a comfortable temperature and leave it there. A comfortable temperature does not necessarily mean keeping it to 60 degrees. Try keeping the unit at 75 degrees to reduce the impact of the hottest weather without facing an unexpected energy burden. By taking steps to reduce your energy usage, it is possible to enjoy your AC unit without feeling guilty or facing an unexpectedly high bill. It may not be possible to avoid using your AC unit in Orlando, but it is possible to keep the impact on your energy costs in a reasonable range.  

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