What Do These Heat Pump Sounds Mean For Your Clermont, Fl System

What Do These Heat Pump Sounds Mean for Your Clermont, FL System?

A heat pump is a highly efficient installation for Floridian homes, delivering both heating and cooling throughout the year. While you may hear a small amount of noise as the heat pump is operating, this should be minimal. Pay attention to the way your heat pump sounds right after installation or after your annual tune-up for an accurate reading on what kind of noise it makes when it’s in good shape. If your heat pump starts making other noises, you may need to call an HVAC technician. Here’s what those heat pump sounds can mean for your Clermont, FL system.

Metallic Banging

Metallic banging noises almost always come from the heat pump’s fan. The sound of metal hitting metal often means that you have loose parts in the fan. This can present a serious problem. Left untreated, loose parts can result in serious permanent damage to the fan or even the motor. If you hear metallic clanging, turn off the heat pump fan immediately and call an HVAC professional for help.


A gurgling sound from the heat pump typically means that it’s low on refrigerant. The heat pump uses refrigerant to cool air that’s coming into the home. If you have a leak in the system or haven’t kept up with routine maintenance, the refrigerant may become depleted. You should have it recharged to prevent more extensive problems like ice on the unit.


If your heat pump is rattling as it operates, this could mean that it’s not properly secured in place. The heat pump will naturally vibrate as it operates. Setting it on rubber pads or otherwise securing the unit may stop the noise. A loose door or panel can also cause this type of sound. A small amount of rattling may be unavoidable, but a loud rattling or banging is something that you should have inspected by a professional.


A low grinding noise often means that you have dirty motor bearings. Scheduling annual maintenance for your heat pump can help you avoid this issue. If the heat pump becomes too dirty, it will deliver significantly lower efficiency levels.


As your heat pump’s motor bearing ages, it may start to make a loud squealing or shrieking noise. This typically indicates that it’s at the end of its lifespan. You should call an HVAC professional to replace this crucial part as soon as possible or you may end up without critical heating or cooling when you need it most.

Swooshing Sounds

A swooshing noise from your heat pump is perfectly normal. This sound is the result of the defrost mode kicking in to keep your heat pump functioning optimally in winter. Expect to hear this type of noise when you’re switching over from summer operation, which removes heat from indoor air, to winter operation that pulls heat into your home.

If your heat pump is making concerning sounds, call our team members at Del-Air Heating, Air Condition, and Plumbing today. We’ll help you diagnose the issue and come up with an effective repair plan.