Most people never give a second thought to their air conditioner until
it begins to give them problems. However, in most cases, your HVAC system
will show warning signs, well before a breakdown occurs. As a homeowner,
you should learn to listen to what your AC is telling you, so you can
contact an AC repair Orlando company for a diagnosis. This preventive
measure could help you avoid a potential system replacement, if your unit
is repaired in time. Here are a few of the warning signs of an air conditioner
that could be about to fail.

1. If you begin to hear new noises that you’ve never heard before.
You should turn off your HVAC system and call an AC Orlando repair company
right away before any more damage occurs.

2. Have you noticed that you don’t have even temperatures throughout
your house? One room may be cold and another room may be warm. This could
mean your ductwork has sustained some damage or has pulled apart.

3. Is your AC unit blowing air but the air coming out isn’t cold?
This could mean you have a leak in your system and it now needs to have
some refrigerant added. It could also indicate condenser failure.

4. If you put your thermostat on the lowest setting and your air conditioner
still doesn’t come on, you may have a bad thermostat.

5. Sometimes there are no warning signs before your system fails. For example,
you suddenly don’t have any power. This could be due to a broken
wire or a loose connection in your wiring. Or it could be something as
simple as a blown fuse, a tripped breaker or a thermostat that has failed.

You should schedule a service call with an AC Orlando repair company, like
Del-Air, at least once a year to make sure your system is functioning
properly. This will help you avoid costly repair bills due to neglect.
However, should an unexpected AC repair occur, please contact your HVAC
repair company immediately. They will give you a diagnosis and let you
know what, if any, air conditioner repairs are needed.