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Del-Air Thinking of purchasing a new Tampa air conditioning unit this year? Before you can have an AC unit cool and dehumidify your home, an installer must figure out the correct size. Here’s why that step is so important and why you should make sure the right assessment is done before you buy a new central air conditioner. Multiple factors affect your choice of central AC system. Along with the size of your home, a savvy AC installer will consider the height of ceilings and the type of insulation in the property. Conducting a thorough investigation of your home’s heating and cooling needs is essential, as choosing the wrong size unit could have serious effects. While units that are too big will turn on and off multiple times a day, increasing your energy bills, undersized systems will run continually. Again, this circumstance leads to high utility costs and reduced home comfort. The best way to protect your family’s well being, and your electric bill, is to choose the right system for your needs the first time around. Sizing in a Nutshell When calculating the right AC size for your property, there are two important components to consider: latent cooling load and sensible cooling load. Latent cooling load measures how much energy it takes to dehumidify the air in your home. On the other hand, sensible cooling load measures how much energy it takes to remove enough heat from your home to maintain a specific temperature. With those numbers in hand, the technician can calculate the cooling load, which includes a rating for British thermal units (Btus) per hour. While this calculation is difficult for homeowners to perform on their own, it’s good to know about the sizing methods, and hirean AC contractor who is well trained in performing the calculation. Find the Best AC for Your Home’s Needs Learn what AC unit is best for your home by calling Del-Air. Leaders in AC installation, we offer a broad array ofnew air conditioners by all the top brands including Carrier and Trane. Additionally, we take the time to sit down with every client and determine the best model size and type for their needs. Call today for service, at (855) 972-9943; in most cases, we can install your new Tampa air conditioning system as soon as tomorrow!

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