Nothing feels worse than a house that is too hot. That is why we have air
conditioners. However, there are certain issues that can occur that could
cause your air conditioner to not work as well as it should. One issue
that is fairly common—but requires Orlando AC repair, is low refrigerant levels.

Contrary to what is popularly believed, air conditioners do not actually
consume refrigerant—they simply need it present to work properly.
So, under normal circumstances, you never need to change or fill the refrigerant
in your air conditioner. Therefore, if there is a low Refrigerant level
that means there is a leak that should be repaired before you add more.

Older systems were created with mechanical fittings that can become loose
over the years. So it could be a problem with these. Luckily, there are
ways to repair these issues before they can lead to worse issues—especially
if they are caught early.

What happens if you do not fix a refrigerant leak in time?

1. The efficiency of the air conditioner can drop, causing a rise in energy bills.

2. The evaporator coil can freeze and ice up, leading to an air conditioner
that does not work well enough to cool your house.

3. Refrigerant is released into the environment—something the EPA
has deemed hazardous and to be avoided.

4. The compressor can begin overheating, leading to a premature failure.
This could require a complete replacement of this very expensive part.

If you are concerned about a possible refrigerant or refrigerant leak in
your AC system, you should call a professional. Since you are dealing
with a chemical like refrigerant, this is not something you should try
to take on yourself. Call Del-Air and let one of our experts come to your
home and check out your system. Whether it is a simple leak fix or something
more complex, we will help you solve the issue and keep your family cool
and comfortable.