These days, home and business owners alike are looking for ways to save
on energy costs while doing their part to help protect the environment
for future generations. However, many property owners don’t know
the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency. At Del-Air,
we specialize in keeping you comfortable throughout the seasons by offering
AC service in Tampa while lowering overall energy bills. We have outlined the difference between
these two energy terms and how you can gain maximum energy savings:

The Difference Between Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation refers to behaviors used to reduce energy consumption
in a home or business. Fortunately, homeowners can take steps to improve
HVAC conservation during the hot summer months. For example, you could
cut energy usage by turning off lights and fans when you leave a room
and setting your thermostat at a lower temperature in the winter and a
higher one in summer. Along with keeping exterior windows and doors closed,
you should replace your AC filters regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.
You can also reduce the amount of heat entering the home by purchasing
sun-blocking shades and curtains. Finally, you should arrange for regular
tune-ups to ensure your AC is running efficiently.

While energy conservation refers to behavioral changes, energy efficiency
involves using energy more effectively at the technological level. Energy-efficient
products aim to provide users with the same level of comfort and convenience
while cutting costs and preserving the environment. For example, you can
boost energy efficiency in your home by purchasing appliances, light bulbs,
and other items with high Energy Star ratings such as AC units with a
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER rating, the
greater efficiency the AC unit has. By purchasing an AC unit with variable
speed technology, the motor is able to run a different speeds so that
the precise heating or cooling of a home is achieved. It actually senses
the heat and humidity in the room and adjusts itself accordingly.

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