What’s Your Comfort Level?


What is too hot? What is too cold? The answer to that question will differ
with every person you ask and even based on the time of year. A comfortable
inside temperature varies widely from one climate zone to the next, from
one building to the next, and even from one individual to the next.

A leader in
air conditioning in Tampa, Del-Air, believes that every family should be able to control the temperature
in their home. To that end, we take the time to discuss your home temperature
when we visit you for service. You control your temperature, and it’s
meant to please your family, not the average person on the street. Where
should you set the thermostat to achieve the most comfort for the greatest

Choosing the Right Temperature

While the decision of where to set your thermostat is a personal one, we
at Del-Air recommend starting out at 78 degrees, which is the ENERGY STAR
suggestion. If this is not tolerable, ENERGY STAR suggests raising or
lowering the temperature one degree at a time until you find your threshold.
Use this highest possible setting for the hours when you are home and
active. If 78 degrees is too warm for you, then lower the setting one
degree at a time until you are comfortable in your home.

A couple more tips for homeowners:

  • A ceiling fan will help you feel cooler. However, it doesn’t do anything
    except create wind chill by moving the air, so remember to turn it off
    when you’re not home or using a room.
  • A programmable thermostat is a money saver, since it automatically turns
    up the thermostat at night, as long as it’s programmed to do so.
    Don’t forget to set your thermostat to a higher temperature at night
    and when you’re away from the house at work or school.

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