When To Maintain, Repair, Or Replace Your Old AC Unit


Tampa air conditioning service provider, Del-Air, understands that air conditioning is a way of life
in this part of the country. However, home and business owners often struggle
with the decision of whether to replace an AC that isn’t up to snuff.
Here are some questions to help you determine if you should maintain,
repair, or replace your ill-functioning air conditioning unit:

Q: Do some of the rooms in your home feel dramatically warmer or cooler
than others?

If the answer is yes, the problem may be due to an issue with your air
ducts. Holes or leaks in your ductwork can affect airflow, causing temperature
variations in the home. While regular maintenance is the best way to keep
your AC ducts in good working order, depending on the severity of the
damage, you may need to replace the system.

Q: Is your home burdened with more dust than usual?

Does it feel like you are dusting all the time, with no results? If your
HVAC ducts aren’t sealed properly, they may be pulling dust and
other allergens from certain areas of the home. Not only does this dust
increase instances of allergies and asthma, but it can also clog up your
unit, resulting in reduced efficiency. Consider calling a HVAC professional
in to see if your ducts can be repaired or if a system upgrade is the
way to go.

Q: Have you spent a lot of money repairing your unit?

Every HVAC unit requires some amount of annual maintenance. However, repairs
costing more than 50 percent of the value of the system may not be a good
use of your hard-earned dollars. If your AC is constantly breaking down,
consider replacing it with a newer model now rather than later.

Q: How old is your unit?

The sad truth is that AC units aren’t made to last forever. Most
air conditioners have an estimated shelf life of 10 to 15 years, after
which repairs become more frequent as well as more expensive. If your
unit is more than a decade old, consider replacing it rather than repairing.

Q: Does it seem like your energy bill is unusually high?

New developments in HVAC have done a great deal to improve the efficiency
of AC and heating units. If your energy bills are unusually high, it may
be time to replace your old AC with one boasting a higher SEER number.
Your reduced power consumption and electricity bills will quickly make
this investment worthwhile.

Contact Del-Air for AC Repair

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consider replacing it with a newer model to cut down on expensive repair
bills. A leader in HVAC service, Del-Air offers
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