The U.S. Department of Energy continually upgrades performance standards
for air conditioners. This means trying to keep an older one alive for
yet another season may actually cost more money than it is worth. As a
routine part of air conditioning repair, Orlando technicians evaluate
what you have and make sure fixing it is the best solution. Consider some
of these signs and see if you may need an AC upgrade.

The Time Factor

If you have the same air conditioner on graduation day as you did on your
kid’s first birthday, it’s time. When you run an old AC, you
are missing all the technological advancements over the years. Even units
five to eight years old have poor SEER ratings compared to what is on
the market today. If the unit is a dinosaur, replacing it will eventually
pay for itself in lower utility bills.

The Efficiency Factor

A smart homeowner knows utility bills are tools that help maintain an energy-efficient
home. Keep track of your monthly electricity costs. A sudden jump in the
bill means there is an energy drain somewhere in the house. Even if you
are seeing a slow and steady rise over the last five years, look for ways
to cut back. Since the AC is a large part of the electricity burden for
Florida homes, rising costs may indicate it is time to install a more
efficient unit.

The Repair Factor

Common sense should tell you that calling for service every few months
is a telltale sign of a dying AC. A well-trained air conditioning repair
Orlando technician will point out how poorly the unit is functioning and
help you shop for a new one that is cost-efficient.

If you are unsure, now is a good time to pick up the phone and give Del-Air
a call. After 30 years of air conditioning repair in Orlando, we have
the expertise it takes to know when replace is better than repair.