Why a Mini-Split System Is Beneficial During Any Time of the Year


When you are looking for an efficient cooling and heating system for your St. Cloud, Florida, home, consider having a mini-split system installed. If your home needs air conditioning and occasional heat for those chilly nights, then a mini-split system is perfect for you. Let’s look at what a mini-split system is and how it can benefit your home year round.

What Is a Mini-Split?

A ductless mini-split system consists of two main parts: the compressor or condenser which sits outside of the home, and the air handler which is installed on the inside. Connecting the two parts is a conduit that holds the power cable, condensate drain, and refrigerant tubing. The inside air handler is normally placed high on the wall and has its own thermostat and remote to control the temperature of that room or area.

No Ductwork Needed

Mini-split systems don’t require ductwork in order to be installed. Traditional HVAC systems use an extensive network of ducting to bring warm or cool air into your home. If your ducting system has cracks or leaks, much of that air is lost before it even enters into your home. It can make your HVAC system work harder and raise your energy bills.

They Are Flexible

Another great advantage of ductless mini-splits is their flexibility. Not only can they perform as an air conditioner or a heater, but their compact design also allows the air handler to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or free-standing, depending on the space you have or your preference for its location.

As the homeowner, you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature in different rooms of your home. Each unit has its own thermostat and therefore, each room’s temperature can be adjusted according to preference. If you have a sunroom that gets too hot, simply add a mini-split system to that room to cool it. Or if you have a room that is too cool, add a mini-split heat pump to that room so it can warm up.

They Are Perfect for an Older Home

Mini-splits are also perfect for an older home that doesn’t have central heating and cooling. Many older homes don’t have the space to support the ductwork necessary for a traditional HVAC system. With no central ducted system to warm or cool the house, many older homes must rely on less efficient ways to heat and cool the house, such as window air conditioners or portable heaters. Because mini-splits don’t need ducting, they can easily be added to an older home.

Mitsubishi Split System Offers Superior Performance

We proudly carry the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim mini-split model. This model uses high-performing variable frequency drive technology that delivers warm or cool air quickly into your home. You will enjoy a comfortable environment because the system automatically adjusts the temperature to keep it at a consistent level.

You will save on energy bills with the Mr. Slim model. It only uses enough electricity to keep the temperature steady instead of constantly cycling on and off. The Mr. Slim model is perfect for add-on rooms, such as a garage or sunroom and it runs quietly and efficiently. Regular preventive maintenance will help to ensure that it runs clean and smooth for years to come.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is vitally important in keeping you and your family healthy all year long. Dust, dirt, pet dander, and other outdoor pollutants often build up inside of ductwork and then get blown into your home. Because the mini-split system does not have ducts, the air being delivered into your home is much cleaner. Your home will stay cleaner, and your family will be healthier with improved indoor air quality.

Call Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning’s expert team at 888-831-2665 to discuss installing the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split system and for any other services you may need.

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