Delair Logo Heating Ac Plumbing Electrical 2021 OptFor nearly nine months of the year, Orlando is subject to hot and humid
weather. Outside air is warm and sticky. Homes that are air conditioned
are cool and dry. But, air conditioning systems today do more than provide
cooling. New units also heat the air when it is cool. In most cases, a
homeowner sets the temperature and the air conditioning system either
heats or cools the home until reaching the temperature set on the thermostat.

There is more that air conditioning does though than just heating and cooling air.

• Your home air conditioning system has a filter that purifies the
air. The filter traps allergy-causing substances and prevents them from
circulating through the house. This protects family members who suffer
allergies or other respiratory illnesses.

• In Orlando, Florida, nuisance bugs are always in attack mode. Air
conditioning allows homeowners to maintain comfortable inside temperatures
while keeping windows and doors closed and bugs out.

• Homes are quieter with an air conditioning system. Most homes have
split systems with the compressor outside of the house. Inside operation
is almost silent.

• Since windows and doors need not be open when air conditioning is
used, homes are more secure.

Air Conditioning Orlando

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