For those of us accustomed to the extreme heat of Florida summers, an
Orlando heat pump may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, the truth is that heat
pumps don’t just warm your home during the winter; they also help
keep it cool and comfortable throughout the sweltering summer months.
At Del-Air, we provide expert heat pump installation and repair services
to preserve your family’s comfort year round. Here are just a few
of the many reasons to consider installing a new heat pump in Florida:

Reverse Cycle Heat

Think Orlando heat pumps are just for warming your home? Think again! Heat
pumps utilize a unique reverse-cycle method to extract heat from inside
your home and transfer it outside. As a result, heat pumps can be more
efficient than traditional electric forms of cooling. Additionally, heat
pumps can help dehumidify your house, reducing allergens and keeping your
family comfortable year round.

Convenient Cooling

Want to enjoy faster heating and cooling in your home? Heat pumps let you
raise or lower the temperature of your house in just minutes, all with
the push of a button. You can easily adjust the temperature of your home
to suit your family’s preferences. Best of all, the heat pump works
to maintain the temperature throughout the day and night, so you’ll
never wake up shivering or sweating!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in cutting energy costs without sacrificing your family’s
comfort throughout the year? Because they move air from place to place
instead of heating or cooling it themselves, heat pumps expend less energy
than normal electric air conditioners. Additionally, heat pumps help protect
the environment, as they don’t expel smoke or chemicals into the
air. By installing a heat pump in your home, you can save anywhere between
30 and 40 percent or on heating and cooling costs while enjoying enhanced
comfort and air quality year round.

Call Del-Air for Your Heat Pump Needs

Based in Florida, Del-Air knows that ensuring your family’s comfort
throughout the year is a top priority. For this reason, we offer a wide
variety of brand-name heat pumps with a range of SEER ratings to meet
your needs. Call Del-Air for a residential
Orlando heat pump price estimate and find out how to keep your home cool all year.

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