Del-Air   Folks who enjoy doing do it yourself (DIY) projects have the ability to save a great deal of money over the years by reducing home repair and maintenance costs. But, too often, an air conditioning repair in Orlando goes awry because a DIY enthusiast attempted it. Filter changes and other minor maintenance and repair functions are fine for a DIY person. But dealing with the refrigerant in your system or the wiring are repairs that a professional like a service technician from Del-Air, Florida’s number one air conditioning company, should handle. Air Conditioning Repair Orlando The only time a home air conditioning system needs a charge of refrigerant is if there is a leak in the system. Refrigerant does not just disappear or evaporate. Even a tiny leak can cause the system to lose enough refrigerant to make it operate improperly. Recharging the system without fixing the leak is like putting air in a car tire with a slow leak. You will have to do it repeatedly. Finding a leak often requires special tools and expertise that your Del-Air technician has. Also, overfilling your system with refrigerant will make it operate just as if there is not enough refrigerant. Continuous operation with improper levels of refrigerant can cause great harm to your AC compressor. This is why hiring a professional to repair your AC is better than DIY. Electrical connections to your air conditioning system often use high voltage electric currents. Many governments with jurisdiction over construction require that a licensed electrician makes these connections. Usually, this is to protect your home from a fire caused by an incorrectly wired air conditioning unit. Not only is a DIY person subject to a fine for doing the job on his own, he will have to have it done by a licensed individual after the fact. Also, in the event of a fire from the incorrectly wired system, insurance companies may balk at making payment. When the job is too great for DIY, call us at Del-Air, and get the best service available for air conditioning repair in Orlando. Let us do the job when you know hiring a professional is better than DIY. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call at ( (855) 972-9943.  

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