Since 1983, the best ac repair Orlando could ask for is right in your neighborhood!
Del-Air has grown tremendously over the years, now with convenient locations
in Kissimmee, Clermont, Melbourne, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, the Gulf Coast
and of course our home base in Sanford. Our workforce and vehicle fleet
have grown right along with us – we now staff over 500 people, and
we bet that not a day goes by that you don’t see one of our familiar
white and orange service vans in your area. The net gain of this growth
is all for your benefit! The ac repair Orlando needs to combat Florida’s
oppressive summer heat is now more convenient, affordable, fast and reliable.
We are always open! So if the AC unit in your home, apartment or business
is malfunctioning in any way, simply call us at 888-831-2665, any time
of the day or night.

Del-Air offers emergency services as well. At first a broken AC unit may
not seem to warrant an emergency call, but stop and think about it. Our
Florida summers routinely see high temperatures of over 100 degrees. What
if you own and operate a busy restaurant and your AC unit konks out? How
long will your patrons stick around? Not very long! What if you are a
family living in a small home with a newborn baby, or an elderly in-law?
Extreme temperatures can be dangerous! The AC repair Orlando knows and
trusts is Del-Air. One call to our toll-free number will get you connected
with the Del-Air location nearest you, with our friendly and courteous
dispatch service ensuring you that one of our expert-trained and fully
licensed technicians is en route to save the day – or night!

Orlando HVAC companies are a dime a dozen. The difference is Del-Air’s
uncompromising commitment to your satisfaction and it shows in our excellent
reputation. We’ve been the superlative choice for AC repair Orlando
has relied on since 1983, and we’re here to stay!