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Why Is My Heat Pump Making a Rattling Noise?

Heat pumps aren’t always the quietest cooling systems, but they shouldn’t cause so much noise that your daily life is disrupted. If you’ve been noticing a troubling rattling noise coming from your heat pump, you probably need to contact a professional. Here are some common causes for this concerning sound.

It’s Starting Up or Shutting Down

If you have a new heat pump, you may not be familiar with all of its noises yet. It’s not uncommon for a heat pump to make some rattling sounds as it turns on and off. When the system starts up, it will often make a racket that can sound like the system shifting back and forth. When the heat pump shuts down, it can tap and click as it cycles off.

Families who aren’t used to operating a heat pump may find these sounds disconcerting at first, but you’ll likely get used to them. If you’ve had your heat pump for a while and are noticing new noises, then you should be more concerned about the rattling.

The System Isn’t Installed Properly

There’s a fine art to installing a heat pump properly to minimize noise. The unit itself should be secure, with cover panels that are tightly screwed down and a base that’s on a stable flat surface. Rubber padding beneath the heat pump may be necessary to help muffle the sound of operation.

The refrigerant piping for the heat pump needs a bit more room to move. If it’s secured too tightly, it might rattle with the movement of refrigerant within. We can check on your installation and make sure everything is secured properly, both tightening and loosening parts as needed to get the quietest operation.

There’s Something in the Fan

A sudden metallic rattling can indicate that there’s some type of debris in the fan. The sound is often rhythmic as the item whirs along with your fan blades. Shut down your heat pump as soon as you notice this type of rattling. If you leave the debris in the fan, it can cause extensive damage. Not only will the item damage your fan blades, but it may also make its way into the motor or other components. Contact one of our technicians to inspect the system carefully and get to the root of the problem.

Essential Parts are Loose or Unbalanced

Several key components inside your heat pump can cause a rattling noise if they need to be repaired. An unbalanced blower wheel will rattle rhythmically as it rotates. A loose motor mount or worn compressor bearings can cause a rattle as well. These problems are easily repaired by a knowledgeable professional. Our technicians can diagnose and remedy the issue.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from an overly noisy heat pump. Our service technicians at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning can help you identify any issues with your system and come up with a prompt repair plan. Give us a call at (888) 831-2665.