Why Is Your Ac Making That Strange Noise?


A malfunctioning AC system can sound like a ghost—between the screeching
and banging, and clicking, you might think your home is haunted by a spirit
rather than a broken AC unit. Still, odd AC sounds can be beneficial and
might even indicate that it’s time to call your friendly Del-Air
technicians for
AC repair in Tampa. Below are some sounds homeowners often hear from their AC units and tips
on what they could indicate:

  • Squealing or Screeching Sounds: Is your AC making a squealing or screeching
    sound? If so, the problem might be that your blower motor has a bad belt.
    Because a blower with a broken belt will no longer turn, homeowners should
    aim to repair these issues as soon as possible. Fortunately, Del-Air can
    perform this service quickly and inexpensively, restoring your AC to normal function.
  • Banging or Rattling Noises: Are the rattles from the AC interrupting your
    TV time? Persistent air conditioner banging or rattling could indicate
    that a system component is coming loose or even that a motor is failing.
    Additionally, rattles can indicate issues with fans. In many cases with
    rattles, you will need to purchase a new part to fix the one that is defective.
    To prevent more serious problems, shut the system down and contact your
    AC technician ASAP.
  • Clicking Sounds: Hearing the occasional click of your AC turning on or
    off is perfectly normal. However, persistent clicking noises from the
    control panel or outside compressor could suggest a defective relay. Additionally,
    clicking noises could result from a malfunctioning thermostat. To be safe,
    have a professional evaluate the system.

Don’t Suffer Strange AC Noises in Silence

You don’t have to put up with annoying AC squeals and screeches.
If you hear noises coming from your air conditioning unit that you do
not think are normal, contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning today for
AC repair in Tampa. With 300 trucks fully-stocked and ready, we can be at your door within
minutes of your call. Contact us today for more information at

(855) 972-9943, orschedule your AC repair online. We look forward to serving you.