Wifi And Your Thermostat


Installing Wi-Fi enabled thermostats in the home offers numerous benefits
for American families. Not only do smart thermostats maintain temperatures
to within two degrees, helping preserve your health and comfort, but they
also offer a number of additional advantages for homeowners looking to
cut energy costs. Here are some of the many benefits associated with installing
a Wi-Fi capable thermostat brought to you by the
Tampa air conditioning service leader, Del-Air:

  • Accessibility: One of the many reasons to consider a Wi-Fi thermostat is to make use
    of the enhanced accessibility it offers. Because your thermostat is connected
    to the Internet, you can read and set your home’s temperature from
    anywhere in the world. All you need is access to a smartphone or laptop
    to control your thermostat on the go.
  • Easy Programming: Unlike older thermostat models, the new Wi-Fi-enabled systems are incredibly
    easy to program. With the touch of a button, you can raise or lower the
    temperature in your home. Additionally, you can set different levels for
    weekdays and weekends as well as the times you’re on vacation.
  • Money Savings: Many of us forget to turn the thermostat up or down when we leave for
    work in the morning. Not only does overusing your AC result in higher
    utility bills, but it also increases your family’s overall carbon
    footprint. One of the best reasons to install a Wi-Fi thermostat is that
    you can limit energy spent while protecting the Earth for future generations.
  • Coordination: A coordinated system, the Wi-Fi thermostat acts as a replacement for existing
    thermostats while optimizing run times for HVAC systems and sending diagnostic
    data to the servers.
  • Habit Adapting: Need another reason to switch to a Wi-Fi thermostat? The latest systems
    are habit adapting, meaning that they learn your energy-using behaviors
    and adapt their cooling output to meet your needs. In the long run, you
    can save energy along with your valuable time.

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