Spring rain may be a nice break from the oppressive Florida heat, but many
residents worry that it could impact their air conditioners’ effectiveness
during the upcoming summer season, when they need it most, calling for costly
Orlando AC repair. A leader in HVAC sales and repair, Del-Air specializes in maintaining
your heating and cooling system throughout the year. Here are a couple
of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask about protecting
their AC from inclement weather:

Does Rain Damage the Outdoor Components of My Air Conditioning Unit?

Actually, rain should not damage your air conditioner at all! Because the
outdoor components of air conditioning units are exposed to the elements,
home and business owners often worry that an abundance of rain could damage
their units. However, AC systems are designed so that precipitation can’t
reach its inner components. As a result, your unit should be safe from
rain, snow, and even hail storms.

Determined to cover your unit? Just be sure not to use a plastic trash
bag or tarp, as these can cause moisture to gather inside your AC. In
the long run, that accumulated water can result in mold, mildew, and even
rust. Finally, a plastic cover can make your AC attractive to rodents
and other small animals seeking cover from the storm.

Contact Del-Air for Heating and AC Service

You want to avoid
Orlando AC repair but can’t decide whether or not to cover your AC unit from the elements?
Consult the owner’s manual that came with your system, or
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in our power to preserve your family’s comfort throughout all four
seasons while maintaining your AC for the long haul.