Del-Air It’s a safe bet if you’re in Orlando, your air conditioning is on full blast right now. But, Labor Day is just around the corner and pretty soon the cold winds will blow, and your air conditioner will be put into hibernation for another season. You might not give much thought to your air conditioner in the winter months, but the fact is you have to take some fundamental precautions to protect your unit in the winter months if you’d like to avoid costly maintenance come next summer. The most important thing is to protect your air conditioning unit from dirt, debris and corrosion when it’s not in use. It’s surprising how many people neglect this considering how expensive AC units are. A cover is absolutely essential. During the winter months twigs, leaves, trash and small animals could invade your unit if it’s not well covered. Moisture will creep in to cause corrosion to the coils which, if it builds up to a certain point, can result in having to hire a professional who specializes in Orlando air conditioning to power wash them. When selecting a cover for your unit, make sure it fits nice and snug to provide maximum protection from the elements. The manufacturer probably offers one custom made for your unit, and it’s well worth the extra investment. A good cover should be able to breathe, in other words provide ventilation but at the same time act as a barrier to moisture and debris. It’s good practice to clean your AC unit as best as you can before putting it away for the winter, removing any obvious dirt and perhaps hosing it down. If possible, make sure you turn off the power to your air conditioner by placing the breaker switch to the off position, and turning off the water going to the unit. This will ensure that the AC isn’t turned on accidentally while the cover is in place, which could cause serious damage to your unit. Your air conditioning unit needs care all year round, not just during the summer. For professional advice on how to protect your air conditioning in Orlando contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, your go-to source for all your heating and air conditioning needs.  

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