Your AC Contractor: What is The Difference Between Bonded and Insured?


A contractor’s bond and insurance are important forms of protection
for you, the consumer. Not only do they ensure your system works optimally,
but they also protect your home and property. When a contractor is licensed
and bonded, you can rest assured knowing you have recourse should something
go wrong on the job when they are performing
AC service in Tampa.

Before hiring a new AC company, read up on what it means to be bonded and
insured and make sure your prospective hire is up to the task.

Contractor’s Bond

Each state sets certain requirements that a contractor must meet in order
to be bonded. Bonding protects the consumer if the contractor fails to
complete a job, doesn’t pay for permits, or fails to meet other
financial obligations. To make sure your AC tech is bonded, request to
see a bond number and certification in advance.

Contractor’s Insurance

Typically, AC contractors hold two types of insurance. Liability insurance
covers such situations as contractor-caused damage to your property, while
workers’ compensation provides payment to injured workers for lost
wages and medical services, regardless of who was at fault. It’s
best to ensure contractors have all the necessary insurance before allowing
them to work on your home.

Contractor Licensing

Licenses prove that AC techs have the necessary training to handle your
installation or repair job. Determined on a state-by-state basis, licensing
requirements might include attending an accredited training program, participating
in an apprenticeship, and passing an exam. While you’re checking
to see if companies are insured and bonded, don’t forget to inquire
about whether the contractor’s particular trade requires a license.

Trust Del-Air With All Your AC Repair Needs

You don’t want to trust just anyone to enter your home and repair
your AC system. Making sure you hire an appropriately licensed, insured,
and bonded contractor ensures that you, your family, and your interests
are protected at all times when you are in need of
AC service in Tampa. Contact ourreputable professionals at Del-Air for your AC system repair. Our goal is to fix the issue right the first
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