Your AC Guide For All Seasons


As Florida’s leading AC expert, we recognize that
Tampa air conditioning systems require different services based on the season and weather conditions.
With this seasonal guide from Del-Air, you will learn when exactly to
consult our technicians so they can ensure your system is operating optimally
the whole year round.

  • Spring: This is the time of year for your technician to perform basic maintenance
    to ensure you will get through the upcoming hot summer months. It’s
    no secret that Florida temperatures tend to skyrocket during the summer.
    If you wait until the hot weather comes to seek service, you will likely
    find yourself waiting around for help. Additionally, spring service is
    essential for keeping energy bills low in the months to come.
  • Summer: This is the time of year in which those AC units, not ready to
    handle the Florida heat, tend to break down. At the first sign of malfunction,
    give Del-Air a call. Not only will we assess your system components, but
    we also remove dust and dirt from your AC system to maximize indoor air
    quality and performance while cutting costs.
  • Fall: Your AC just worked extremely hard during the summer, so have a Del-Air
    technician check everything out, making sure nothing is wrong as you head
    into winter. Despite the heat for which it’s known, Florida does
    experience its share of cold nights, and you don’t want your family
    to suffer a chilly winter with a broken heater.
  • Winter: This part of the year is time for maintenance tasks, such as replacing
    your thermostat’s batteries, removing debris around your outside
    unit, and ensuring all vents are clear. Additionally, you should check
    the thermostat’s functionality to ensure you’re ready when
    that cold spell strikes.

Contact Del-Air for Year-Round AC Maintenance

The most important thing to remember for year-round maintenance of your
Tampa air conditioning system is to change your air filter monthly and to have at least one check
of your unit by a Del-Air professional each year.Check out the preventative maintenance packages we offer, and then
schedule your appointment today. We look forward to being your AC expert for years to come.