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Del-Air Your air vents and ducts plays a crucial role in heating and cooling by distributing temperature-controlled air throughout the home. However, many home and business owners are unaware of the fact that ducts and vents need regular maintenance to function. Here are some of Del-Air’s top tips for maintaining and cleaning your AC system like the experts do:
  • Cover Vents with Grilles: By covering central AC vents with grilles, you can prevent drafts from entering and reduce the amount of work the system must perform to heat or cool the home. In the long run, doing this keeps your family comfortable while reducing wasted energy. Additionally, you should avoid blocking vents with furniture, as this can affect your ability to draw air into the HVAC unit which boosts energy bills in the long term.
  • Gently Close Vents in Unused Rooms: Conventional wisdom dictates that you should close vents in rooms that aren’t being utilized on a regular basis. While it’s certainly smart not to waste energy heating and cooling these spaces, homeowners should take care not to close vents too tightly either, as doing so can strain your HVAC system. After all, turning off air flow increases pressure throughout the system. In the long run, closing vents tightly can increase duct leakage and cost you more money in repair bills.
  • Clean Vents Regularly: Your air vents are home to dust, dirt, and other allergens that you don’t want your family breathing. While regular duct and vent cleaning is crucial to maintaining system efficiency, it’s important to let the professionals handle this type of job. When you schedule AC service in Tampa with Del-Air, you can rest assured knowing we will thoroughly inspect your duct system and clean out all the vents. Using a high-powered vacuum system, we will remove dust and debris. Our goal is to keep your home cool and comfortable while purifying the air your family has to breathe.
Contact Del-Air for Expert Duct Cleaning Based in Orlando, Del-Air offers responsive AC service in Tampa. Additionally, we promise to leave your home or office in pristine condition after completing your service. For duct cleaning and other air conditioning services, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Del-Air.

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