A growing trend in the HVAC industry, ductless ACs make it possible to cool homes that lack the ductwork needed for a traditional system. Orlando air conditioning company Del-Air is proud to be a Mitsubishi ductless Diamond Dealer. We specialize in installing and repairing ductless AC units throughout Central Florida. If you’re seeking a quieter, more efficient way of cooling your home, a ductless HVAC may be right for you.

Ductless AC systems are nothing new. In fact, Japan has been using this technology for 50 years. Since Mitsubishi began testing ductless products in the US in the early 2000s, the popularity of the systems has only grown. With a ductless AC system, a small outdoor condenser unit supplies power. A hose-like line connects the condenser with an air handler hung on the wall inside the home. Here are two reasons you may want to consider installing a ductless AC:

  • Improved Cooling
    • If comfort is a priority, ductless ACs may be the way to go. With a traditional
      HVAC system, certain areas of the home may prove inaccessible because
      they were designed without ductwork. With the mini-split ductless system,
      you can heat and cool a variety of spaces more effectively. Additionally,
      heat pumps are more durable than other systems, meaning they will last
      longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
    • Ductless systems are also good for slashing utility bills. Because air
      isn’t being lost to cracks in the ducts, your overall energy efficiency
      is improved by an impressive 30 percent, with even greater savings in
      basements and attics. You can save on your monthly utility costs without
      sacrificing your family’s comfort throughout the year.

Purchase a Ductless HVAC from Del-Air

Orlando air conditioning company Del-Air is pleased to provide customers with the highest quality service in the industry. You can feel confident knowing we will keep your AC running at peak performance during every season. For more information about the benefits of going ductless, visit our website or call the Del-Air experts at (855) 972-9943.