Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical is one of Florida’s leading Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) companies. We service Clermont and the surrounding areas. Since 1983, Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical has been providing customers with outstanding experiences. Join them in discovering the Del-Air difference!

We provide professional HVAC services involving:

If you are a resident of Clermont, discover how Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical can serve you and your family with our quality HVAC repair and replacement services.

HVAC Services in Clermont, Florida and Surrounding Areas

average annual high in Clermont is 83 degrees Fahrenheit

average annual high in Clermont is 83 degrees Fahrenheit

Like all locations, Clermont has unique weather patterns and HVAC needs that homeowners and repair services need to consider. Summer in Clermont is long and brutal, spanning several months and reaching high temperatures. The average annual high in Clermont is around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, though you can expect temperatures to stretch into the 90s in the late summer months.


Humidity in Clermont adds to the heat. While many places can tolerate heat because it is dry, expect wetter, heavier summer days here. The heat and the humidity combined cause many residents to seek services to repair and install air conditioning. AC can help you and your family stay comfortable throughout the spring, summer and fall when the heat can reach unbearable temperatures, and the humidity can add to your discomfort.


Clermont also experiences many rainy days. This area of the Sunshine State gets over 50 inches of precipitation each year, adding to the environment’s wetness and drawing more people indoors. When the weather regularly drives you indoors, it is essential to have strong HVAC parts.


While the warmer months require special attention towards your HVAC repair efforts to ready you for the heat, you should also know what winter has in store for your home.


Winter in Florida is cool and chilly at times, and Clermont winters average an annual low of 61 degrees Fahrenheit. While winters here might be less extreme than summer or winter in other areas, you still want to keep comfortable and cozy year-round. Investing in quality heating repair and installation can help you enjoy your Florida winters.


Explore the professional HVAC services we offer below.

Clermont Air Conditioning Services

Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical offers several air conditioning services to residents and homeowners. We offer a wide selection of HVAC systems from major brands and manufacturers, so you can always choose the systems that will work best for your home.


Our fleet of hundreds of fully-stocked service vans allows us to serve our clients to the fullest, regardless of your location and needs. We have the best turnaround times, with same-day quotes and next-day installation for some in-stock items.

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Air Conditioning Installment

According to Energy Star, air conditioners should be replaced when they’re over 10 years old. Not sure you need an upgrade? Improvements in efficiency and performance may pay for themselves.


Many factors go into choosing an air conditioning system, including speed, size and matching components. We offer a variety of Energy Star equipment to help you reduce your energy bills and utility costs. Our experts will work with you to select and install the ideal air conditioner for your home and needs.


Since 1994, Del-Air has carried the top appliances in Clermont heat and air. Our sales representatives are trained to work within your budget and find you the best appliances possible. We can also determine if you qualify for manufacturer rebates and tax credits to help you save money.


You’ll be surprised at how little a new heating and air conditioning system will cost you once you consider applicable community and government programs designed to cut energy use. Speak to a Del-Air representative about available grants and tax incentives before you pass on new HVAC features.

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

reduce the need of a repair with preventative maintenance

reduce the need of a repair with preventative maintenance

To reduce the potential of needing a major repair, we recommend preventive maintenance. Annual HVAC inspections and adjustments allow you to get the ideal performance from your equipment while saving you money in the long run.

We have multiple packages that meet your needs. Get top-of-the-line service at the lowest price available. Call today for a free consultation to determine the best option for you.

Air Conditioning Repair

If your current air conditioner fits your needs, Del-Air can still help you through timely professional repairs and routine maintenance. Finding the right person for the job can add years to your equipment’s life and greatly improve your comfort. Simply switching your filter brand can reduce your electric bill significantly.

Del-Air’s Clermont heating and cooling experts are trained to handle any air conditioning repair problem, and we service all major air conditioning brands.

Heating Services

While Clermont residents use air conditioners most of the year, heating is just as important for winter days when the temperature can drop. Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical installs and repairs high-efficiency heating solutions from top brands, including Lennox, Carrier, Trane and others.

We have an array of durable, energy-efficient heating pumps tailored to your needs. Our heating pumps range from 10 to 17.90 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to ensure comfortable temperatures for you and anyone else in your home. Despite the usual warm Florida temps, knowing you have access to heat when you need it can bring you peace of mind.


Benefits of HVAC Repair and Replacements

HVAC repair can provide homeowners with several benefits. When you have HVAC equipment that functions through every season, you can maximize your home’s comfort, creating a safe haven from whatever weather you might experience. Some additional benefits include:

  • Reducing the need for other repairs and replacements: If you overlook regular maintenance and repairs, you can actually increase your risk for larger, more extensive repairs and replacements later. If one part of your HVAC system needs a repair or replacement, it can strain other parts, causing them to work harder to compensate. Replacing and repairing when you need it can help maintain your system’s functions and quality.
  • Increasing cost and energy efficiency: Because lack of maintenance and repairs can cause your equipment to work harder than it needs to, it can also use more energy than necessary to carry out daily functions. When systems work too hard and parts wear out, you might experience more expensive repairs or replacements. Regular repairs and replacements ensure you replace cheaper parts and keep your energy bills down.
  • Maintaining equipment life span: HVAC systems list specific life spans when purchased, many promising to last decades. When you maintain your system through regular maintenance and repairs, you help your equipment last the entirety of its life span. Your heating and cooling systems will provide you with quality care throughout that time, saving you the time and money of searching for a new system.
  • Improving air quality: Your AC and HVAC systems can help filter out pollutants and other harmful air particles that enter your home. When you repair and replace vital parts of your AC, you help preserve your home’s air quality for the duration of your system’s life span, keeping you and your family healthier. Especially during the summer, when air quality typically diminishes, you can create a space where you know you breathe only the best air.

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Clermont Plumbing Services

In addition to comprehensive heating and cooling services, Clermont citizens can turn to Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical for all their plumbing needs. Quality plumbing ensures you can continue your daily tasks, from washing the dishes to showering. Some plumbing services we offer in Clermont include:

    • Plumbing repair: Plumbing systems are prone to issues like pipe leaks, clogged sinks, filtration difficulties, pipe corrosion, garbage disposal blockages and more. The sooner you get the issue resolved, the sooner you can prevent any larger issues from occurring. Thankfully, you can count on Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical for all of your plumbing repair needs. Catering to a wide range of issues, we offer efficient services to get your plumbing system up and running again in no time.
    • Plumbing installation: Whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your plumbing system or you require an emergency installation, our team is ready to assist you. Our plumbing technicians offer a variety of residential installation solutions, including showers and bathtubs, drains, faucets, garbage disposals, pipes and water heaters.
    • Repiping: Your home may be due for a repipe if you’ve noticed discolored or foul-smelling water, noisy pipes, higher water bills, visible pipe corrosion and gradually decreasing water pressure. Repiping your home is a large undertaking, but it’s essential when your pipes are reaching the end of their service life. At Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical, our seasoned technicians can complete your repiping job quickly to get your home back on track as quickly as possible.
    • Drain cleaning: The longer you go without addressing a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom, the larger and more troublesome it becomes. Severe clogging can stop water flow completely. This can lead to stagnant, foul-smelling water and microbiological growth. Tackling the problem on your own can be a challenge, so we recommend turning to Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical for professional drain cleaning services. We provide drain cleaning and maintenance services for both toilets and sinks to keep your systems reliable.

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Electrical Repairs in Clermont

Your electrical system ensures your appliances and home cooling system have the energy to power your home throughout the year. Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical offers quality electrical installation and repair services from trained technicians who understand electrical systems and their various parts.

Servicing homes in Clermont and other Central Florida cities, we can work with light fixtures, control systems, circuits and many other electrical equipment needed to keep homes functional. Whether a tripped breaker, flickering light or another issue, we have the expertise needed to inspect, repair and maintain home electrical systems. We offer the following services and more:

  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Circuit breaker, transformer and other electrical component inspections
  • Ceiling fan, surge protector, electric vehicle charging unit, security lighting, LED lighting, circuit breaker and other electrical installations
  • Smoke detector replacements
  • Home automation feature installations like lighting, cooling and heating, locks and speakers

Discover Expert HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Services With Del-Air

As an EPA-certified company, Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical offers high-quality services for HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.

Our wide range of premier services and products in air conditioning, heating and appliances can function well even after heavy years of use. You can call on our technicians to help you maintain the condition of your HVAC system from its first day to its last. We dedicate ourselves to keeping you comfortable while lowering your monthly energy expenses.

In Clermont, the heating and air conditioning equipment you choose is essential for your home and business. Our systems withstand and function throughout the most extreme heat and even infrequent chillier days. While winter in Clermont is less extreme, we can help you protect your home for when you might encounter a cooler day.

At Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical, we provide the top brand names in HVAC equipment and air conditioning systems. Our clients can also experience convenient monthly payments, special financing with approved credit, extended warranties and a full host of affordable service and maintenance programs. We can lower your monthly energy costs with our energy-efficient equipment with varying SEER ratings.

Beyond finances, our systems keep you healthy and come with HEPA filtration, which keeps your air quality 99.97% cleaner. When you buy a new air conditioner from Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical, you can rest assured it will increase your comfort while cutting your costs for many years. Our stock is top of its class.

Contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about our services.

Contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about our services.

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Whether you need a routine checkup, emergency repair or cooling system replacement, Del-Air is ready for you. We’ve been keeping customers cool and satisfied for over three decades with the best brand names and technicians in the industry.   


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I just moved into my new home, I requested Del – air To do a service maintenance and to make sure the system is in good working condition. The technician Eduardo performed the service and he also took some time to explained everything about the system. Very knowledgeable and professional. I was very happy with the service and also their office customer service people. Great service. Thank You.

Noel M.


This is a long time coming. I had an issue with my blower motor and after attempts by other companies to scam me out of hundreds of dollars. JP came by on 8/10/22 and got my motor back working. He did inform me that it would soon need to be replaced (which it did). However he was honest and very knowledgeable and helpful. I promised myself I would write a review and thank him for his service! Thanks JP!

Joy M.






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My A/C went out in my house and I called Del-Air to come and inspect it. I requested HVAC, plumbing, and electrical assistance. All 3 sets of the technicians that came were wonderful and assisted and solved all my questions and technical issues. They were all professional and experienced. I am very happy with the service…

Evangaline R.

Clermont, FL

We’ve always been happy with the products and services provided by Del-Air for almost 11 years now. We’ve never had a problem with a technician. They’ve always been friendly, courteous, and totally professional. We highly recommend Del-Air for all your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs.

Nicholas Z.

Clermont, FL

Del-Air saved the day again! I really appreciate how quick they are to respond and provide help! My tech today did an excellent job of walking me through what was going to happen. He was very efficient and effective at getting my AC running again! Thank you to the whole team at Del-Air!

Heather T.

Clermont, FL

Del-Air is hands down the go-to air conditioning company in Central Florida. I had amazing customer service from the moment I placed my phone call to the technician that took his time with me and explained so very much, which I so appreciate!

Rhen M.

Clermont, FL

I called Del-Air to have service done on my system since it wasn’t cooling during the relentless summer Florida heat. The technician showed up and got down to business. He was knowledgeable, professional, quick and courteous. He did an extraordinary job and got my system back working again. I will definitely be using their services again.

Kevin S.

Clermont, FL