Tips for Keeping Your Home Heated

Video Transcript

  • Lisa Bell (CBS Channel 6 Orlando News Anchor): Our weather coverage moves to Amanda Castro who is live in Seminole County tonight. Amanda, you spoke with experts on tips to keep your home heated properly and safely during this unseasonably cold weather.


  • Amanda Castro (CBS Channel 6 Orlando Reporter): Yeah, Lisa and the biggest tip is start getting your home ready today. Even though we are still a few days out from experiencing that cold snap, experts here at Del-Air tell me that you want to turn your heat on sooner rather than later. Central Florida is getting ready for freezing temperatures.


  • Ken Veneziano (Del-Air President): It’s not unusual this time of year. There are a few weeks every year where it gets really cold and it’s upon us now. I would recommend getting into heat mode today.


  • Amanda: Ken Veneziano is the president of Del-Air. He says even though the cold snap is still days away, don’t wait to turn on your heat.


  • Ken: With it being in heat mode, when it gets really cold on Saturday morning – when it’s 32 or 34 degrees – your system will have to work a lot less harder than it would otherwise.


  • Amanda: The magic number? 68 degrees – if you want to save money. But Martin Kamens, Del-Air’s quality control manager says to set your heat to a temperature that you’re comfortable with.


  • Martin Kamens (Del-Air Quality Control Manager): Some people like it 72 or 73 degrees, so 68 degrees is the most efficient money-wise but comfort is the most important thing to people. 


  • Amanda: If this is the first time that you’re turning on your heat, don’t worry if you smell something burning.


  • Martin: It’s going to smell. Some people say it’s a really horrible smell, but it won’t last long. 


  • Amanda: And your unit’s condenser coils could also freeze in the cold temps. Veneziano says that’s normal too.


  • Ken: It’s going to go through a defrosting process where you’re going to have steam and water shooting out and that’s natural. So don’t be freaked out.


  •  Amanda: And experts say that if you have a pool, they suggest turning on that pump overnight and maybe letting a faucet drip so that your pipes don’t freeze. They also suggest making sure that all of your windows and doors are closed. Now is also a great time to remind you to get your heating and cooling systems checked out regularly. Experts suggest this twice a year just to make sure that it is running efficiently.

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