Family With Dog

How Animal Hair Affects Your Sanford, FL Home’s AC Filter

For most people in Sanford, Florida, pets are more than just domesticated animals. They’re part of your family. From washing the dog to cleaning the cat’s litter pan, you’re willing to take on any number of extra chores to keep them around. When it comes to controlling animal hair, grooming your pets and good housekeeping only go so far. Here’s what happens when bits of fur, dander and other contaminants get drawn into your AC system.

All About HVAC Air Filters

Air filters help improve indoor air quality, but that’s not their primary purpose. Their first job is to safeguard HVAC components against pollutants. Why is that so important? Air conditioning systems rely on cooling coils to extract heat from the air. To work effectively, they must be kept clean and free of debris. An accumulation of dirt on the coils forces your AC system to run on longer cycles to maintain a comfortable temperature. Pollutants like animal hair also cause undue wear and tear to other critical components, increasing the likelihood of unexpected repairs and replacements.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the air filter clean is the most important thing you can do yourself to protect your AC system. A clogged filter acts as a barricade, obstructing airflow. It allows unfiltered air carrying contaminants like animal hair to circumnavigate the filter and land directly on the equipment. For optimal operation, it’s critical to change the air filter every month or two during the warm-weather season. Filters need even more attention in households with fur-bearing pets. You’ll save money too! Replacing your filter whenever it’s dirty can lower AC energy consumption by up to 15 percent.

Impact on Indoor Air Quality

A clean, effective filter not only traps pet hair but the contaminants that get attached to the fur as well. That’s a significant distinction for family members with allergies or asthma. Pet hair is a carrier for allergens ranging from animal dander and saliva to pollen and dust mites. Microscopic in size, pet allergens remain airborne for a long time, impacting indoor air quality. They’re also jagged in shape, which allows them to adhere easily to clothing and hair. Even if you’re otherwise healthy, inhaling pet allergens can trigger flu-like symptoms, including sneezing, coughing or itchy eyes.

Explore Your Air Filter Options

The standard filters that come with most air conditioning systems aren’t designed to block tiny particulates from circulating through your home. Filter efficiency is rated by its Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). The higher the rating, the better the filter is at capturing pet allergens. Since filters impact airflow, it’s essential to have your AC system evaluated before upgrading your filter. The pros at Del-Air are readily available to help you choose the ideal option.

More than half of American households have pets. Dog and cat allergens are so prevalent that even homes without pets have them too. Whether you have pets or not, clean HVAC filters help keep everyone comfortable and healthy. At Del-Air, we’re proud to offer filter delivery services to our customers and neighbors in Sanford, FL. For more information, call us today.