While winter in Florida may be short, running your HVAC round the clock
during can have a big impact on your energy bills. A leader in heating
and cooling services,
Del-Air specializes in keeping Florida families comfortable throughout the year.
Here are some of tips for setting your thermostat to save energy and money
during the winter from your
heating services professionals.:

Lower Your Heat

Want to save money on utility bills during the winter months? Consider
turning down your heat for all or a portion of the day! At Del-Air, we
recommend setting your thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re home
and 58 when you’re at work or school. Even an adjustment of 10 or
15 degrees can have a serious effect on your home heating bill, so lower
that thermostat setting and don a sweater on days when it’s chilly.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

While adjusting your thermostat setting is a great way to take the sting
out of your utility bills, it’s easy to forget to do this on a daily
basis. With an adjustable thermostat, homeowners can program their heating
systems to turn on and off even when they’re not actually there.
Additionally, you can arrange for the temperature to be warmer when you
get up in the morning and cooler when you’re sleeping, so you won’t
have to wake up to a freezing house anymore. Some programmable thermostats
can even be adjusted from another location via WiFi.

Not only do programmable thermostats let you store multiple settings for
day and night, but they also take the burden off your HVAC system because
the equipment runs less frequently. You can ensure your family’s
year-round comfort while keeping utility bills and maintenance costs down
in the future.

Call Del-Air for More Money-Saving HVAC Tips

Want to ensure your HVAC functions appropriately year round? Call today
to sign up for one of
Del-Air’s preventative maintenance packages. We offer three great options to meet your home’s specific needs.
You can rest assured knowing our
heating services experts are keeping your energy bills down and your family comfortable
throughout the year.