What’s Your SEER Rating?


If you’re thinking of purchasing a new Tampa air conditioning system, then the odds are good that you are familiar with the concept of a SEER rating. Also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER
is a measure of an AC unit’s ability to use energy effectively. As a result, the SEER rating serves as a key barometer of how well your new home cooling system will function. At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in helping homeowners select the perfect ACs with the right SEER ratings for their families’ needs.

  • Importance of SEER Ratings: It’s no secret that energy costs have been skyrocketing for families across the US. Because air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings use less electrical energy to achieve the same cooling results, purchasing the right unit can help preserve your family’s year-round comfort while reducing monthly cooling costs. While older AC units rarely exceed a SEER rating of 6, newer systems are required by law to provide a SEER of at least 13. If your AC unit is more than a decade old, replacing it with a newer model may be in your best financial interest. As an added bonus, more efficient systems may serve to improve your family’s carbon footprint, helping protect the world for future generations.
  • Ductless Split Systems: Still deciding which HVAC model best suits your family’s needs? You may want to consider a ductless split system. Along with possessing higher-than-average SEER ratings, ductless systems serve to better air quality because they don’t utilize ducts to transport hot and cool air through the home. A Mitsubishi Electric diamond dealer, Del-Air offers a variety of quality mini-split options from which to choose.

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Del-Air can handle all your Tampa air conditioning service needs, from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs. Plus, we install brand-name ACs with high SEER ratings to guarantee your comfort while keeping energy spending down. For more information on your system’s SEER rating, or to inquire about installing a new, more efficient system, contact Del-Air today at (855) 972-9943. We look forward to keeping your family cool and comfortable all summer long.